Mexico Legalization Plan Unveiled, Vote Expected Soon

Mexico Plaza

By Graham Abbott

Mexico is poised to become the third country to fully legalize adult-use cannabis, with lawmakers expected to vote on the bill as early as this week, according to a Marijuana Moment report. The bill’s language was released to the public last week.

Lawmakers are pushing to pass the bill in time to meet a deadline set by the Supreme Court, who last year declared that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional and gave lawmakers less than a year to pass rules and regulations for the country’s impending cannabis marketplace.

The proposed market appears to be aimed at social equity and the limiting of foreign investment — here are the major takeaways from Mexico’s cannabis legalization proposal:

  • Adults 18+ would have access to the legal marketplace, able to possess and purchase the plant
  • The bill will allow up to four homegrown plants per adult
  • No social-use/public consumption (private use only)
  • All plants or seeds must be registered, even for home grows
  • The bill calls for a new agency, the “Cannabis Institute,” to handle licensing and regulations
  • Licensing priority would be given to low-income individuals, smaller farmers, and indigenous communities
  • No vertical integration allowed for cannabis corporations
  • Commercial cannabis plants must be grown pesticide-free
  • Strict packaging rules would leave little room for brand expression
  • Cannabis advertisements would be banned
  • Edibles/beverages would only be available for medical cannabis patients


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