Buy Weed Safely During COVID-19 – Green Mart provides Curbside!

It’s true—cannabis sales in Canada are booming as consumers prepare for long weeks at home and away from crowds. Yet, despite hordes of panic shoppers and abnormally high demand, for some, safe access is once again a challenge for cannabis consumers. In Canada, the post will no longer deliver cannabis to your home. Some cannabis retailers are temporarily closing their doors. So, how do you get your herb and stay safe at the same time? We’ve got some ideas.

Use Pickup Services – Green Mart provide Curbside service through this very website with online order ahead! Click Shop at the top when you’re ready!

The best way to maintain distance when picking up your favorite strain? Use a pickup service. A pickup service, like Herb Pickup in Canada, allows you to order online and then pay and pick up at your favorite shop. Instead of waiting in line, you can remain in your car until your order is ready. Then, you can skip the crowds and minimize the time you spend waiting for customer service.

Pickup services couldn’t come at a better time. Across Canada and the United States, cannabis sales are soaring amidst COVID-19. Last week, retail stores in Montreal saw lines around the block. In Colorado, dispensaries in the city of Denver more than doubled their usual sales in one day. Others saw spikes of up to 40 to 60 percent of usual sales. And the pressure was on; the State of Colorado issued an emergency order to close all non-essential businesses on the same day.

But, here’s the catch: crowds and long lines are the very things that individuals should avoid during a pandemic.

Health authorities in the U.S. and Canada both encourage social distancing, requesting that people stay at least six feet away from others when in public spaces. To better comply with health recommendations, using online ordering and pickup services are essential. If you’re wondering if your favorite shop offers pickup, check out their website or give them a call.

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