Periodic Edibles – 2:1 CBD Recovery Caramel


Product Details
Effects: Recovery
Recipe: Classic Soft Caramels, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

Use Case
Reduce stress, achieve flow state, support your wellness

Infusion Method
– Strain Specific Canna-Butter
– 100% solventless

This simple infusion method preserves the Beneficial Compounds, called Cannabinoids & Terpenes, produced in the cannabis strain we use from Craft Growers in Oregon.

Effects Formula
Dominant Cannabinoid = CBD (2:1 CBD:THC)
Dominant Terpenes = B-Caryophyllene & Eucalyptol
Infusion Strain = Pineapple Jager grown by East Fork Cultivars

Perfect for use throughout the day, when experimenting with THC-microdosing, or as a first experience for those new to the world of cannabis edibles.

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