Green Mart Video

A Year of Products In Review

A reel of every product carried over the past year.

Green Mart 4/20 Timelapse

A timelapse of what it takes to prepare the day of 4/20 and what the first few hours looked like! It was a huge success!

Green Mart Leafbuyer Showcase

Leafbuyer worked with us to produce this dispensary showcase video!!

Green Mart Leafly Showcase

Leafly came out to Green Mart and worked with us to produce this dispensary showcase video highlighting what makes us #1 in Oregon! Meet some of our employees, meet Grandpa Green Mart, and learn more about what drives us and what we offer!

Learn to Roll a Doobie: With Brie!

In this video, our Senior Executive Vice President of Doobie Rolling Operations, Brie, demonstrates how to roll the perfect pre-roll! See her take the basic rolling kit of a grinder, rolling machine, papers, and tips and roll a pre-roll worthy of a session!