5 cannabis strains to be excited about in 2020


Each year we try to get ahead of the cannabis curve by predicting which strains are going to reach superstar status. We consider cannabis cup winners, keep tabs on famous breeder instagrams, and overall, keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Now that the 2020 ball has dropped, we’re looking toward the future to predict which strains may soar in popularity this year. Some you may have tried, others may be your next favorite. And with many of these strains new to the market, we’re still waiting to see how their terpene profiles shake out, which is why some are grayed out.

Without further ado, here are five strains you should look out for in 2020.

This variant on Mendo Breath, with roots in OGKB, continues to gain fans. Frosty, dank, and scrumptiously nutty-smelling, PB Breath is a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath F2, and for high-tolerance THC consumers only—this is the double black diamond of strains. Michigan breeder Thug Pug Genetics claims it, but he sells seeds so it’s loose in the wild. There’s also Cannarado’s similar PB Soufflé, which crosses Do-Si-Dos to Lava Cake. Many variants on the Breath strains will have a banner year in 2020.


If you haven’t heard of Runtz, that’ll definitely change soon. Another hyped strain from the famous Cookies Fam, Runtz crosses Zkittlez and Gelato to give us a delicious sweet and sugary treat, much like its namesake. When we first added Runtz to the site, it quickly shot up to the 14th most popular strain in less than a month. If that doesn’t scream “Hey, keep an eye on me for the 2020 strain of the year,” then I don’t know what does.

Vanilla Frosting

This red hot Humboldt Sun Growers Guild strain is getting pumped out as clones by Dark Heart Nursery in California. It is an on-trend dessert indica with a novel vanilla finish. Vanilla Frosting was selected by Humboldt Seed Co. from 10,000 plants over multiple generations in what’s called a “pheno-hunt,” as in, “a search for the next legendary phenotype.” It’s also available as seeds, so anyone can be a homegrow legend this fall.


This hyped and exotic variety from Connected Cannabis Co. can be found on top shelves across California, where it’s very popular. Gelonade is Lemon Tree crossed with Gelato #41, so it’s got gobs of sweet, thick, syrupy lemon terpenes mixed into the creamy berry and cookies of Gelato. Connected Cannabis Co. has indoor Gelonade dialed in for 2020.


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