Biden’s marijuana plan is out of step with public opinion

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By Paul Armentano

Specifically, the plan calls for rescheduling the marijuana plant under the Controlled Substances Act – a move the campaign insists will lead toward its eventual “decriminalization.”

Unfortunately, rescheduling cannabis from Schedule I of the CSA to a lower status is both impractical and counterproductive.

While current federal law categorizes and regulates marijuana like heroin (both are categorized as Schedule I controlled substances), rescheduling the plant to a Schedule II drug (like cocaine or oxycodone) – as the candidate proposes on his website – or even a Schedule III drug (like anabolic steroids) is similarly inappropriate.

Such a change would restrict adults’ ability to legally access the substance to those with a doctor’s prescription only and would continue to maintain criminal penalties for anyone who possesses the substance to absent such authorization.

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