Can Cannabis Oil Help Positively Impact The Symptoms Of Autism Disorders?

By Maisie Headey

Autism is described as a brain developmental disorder triggered by environmental factors and genetic mutations. The characteristics of autismmay not be the same in every affected individual and the spectrum is quite varied. There is no specific cure for autism but various therapies are offered to aid the victims cope with the symptoms and live better lives. However, the usage and research of cannabis has increased; offering a new ray of hope to the victims of autism.


Possibility of Using Cannabis to Treat Cases of Autism

In the last few decades, the usage of marijuana in treating various ailments, especially neurological disorders, has shot up significantly. A number of findings have indicated that usage of CBD, a major ingredient in cannabis, can be helpful in treating victims of autism. While a clear consensus has not been reached on safety and long term efficacy of such methods, some advantages are quite visible. These are numerous instances of patients using cannabis oil citing the benefits over other available treatments.

The parents of people who have resorted to cannabis oil treatment, for kids with autism, have reported improvements like a decrease in seizures, the decline in aggressive behavior, improved speech. These make more people dealing with autistic family members to opt for such treatments.

How and why Using CBD can Help in Treating Autistic Kids

When you intake a cannabis product, through any form containing cannabidiol, the compound gets into the bloodstream and reaches the brain. It starts interacting thereafter with neurons called cannabinoids receptors. These are found in the nervous system.

The endocannabinoid system actually moves in the reverse direction compared to the neurotransmitters. It reaches the neurons and gets attached to the neuron’s cannabinoid receptors to send a message. Once the cannabinoids are there, they can control the next developments when the neurons activate next. This in result effectively motivates changes to the body as well mind.

CBD has robust neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties and it is an analgesic too. It has been found effective in treating conditions like anxietyand depression. There is not enough credible evidence and scientific proof to say with certainty that using CBD will be the best for autism. However, a number of research indicate that the prospects are bright.

What Does the Research Indicate?

An extensive study was carried out at the UC San Diego School of Medicine by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research. The study goal was finding out if cannabis treatment is suitable for kids and to find out for what time period. The research showed CBD does not lead to psychoactive effects. It can help improve brain functioning in kids afflicted with autism.

Another upcoming research will be carried out on cannabis’s non-psychoactive compounds for treating autism. This will cover autistic kids and teenagers who are aged from 5 to 18 years.

Can Cannabis Oil Help Positively Impact The Symptoms Of Autism Disorders? 1

Recently, a small scale study carried out in Israel has shown that using cannabis oil can help the kids suffering from Autism. In the country, marijuana is approved for medical usage. This observational study gathered data through parental self-reporting both before and after treatment in 188 candidates. After 6 months, almost 30 percent of candidates said they experienced significant improvement in symptoms while about 50 percent reported moderate enhancements.

In the study covering 188 autism patients, researchers from Soroka University Medical Center and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found that cannabis is ideal to treat autism spectrum disorders. The symptoms like depression, seizures and restlessness are well controlled, as per the study findings. More than 80 percent of candidates of the study reported good and notable advantages for their kids. The study showed cannabis oil medication improves sleep and ability to concentrate. The study did not find a warm reception from all quarters. However, the study findings were similar to other marijuana studies carried out in the country.

More extensive studies on cannabis should be carried out before CBD can be used widely for treating autism-feel the study authors.

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