Cannabis is a booming industry that is seeing stigma fade

State marijuana reforms could spark tens of millions of dollars in business opportunities

MJ BizCon, the annual marijuana business convention, is happening now in Las Vegas.

Cannabis professionals are there to talk about trends in the industry, and a hot topic this year is hiring in the growing industry.

“Just last year alone the job market increased 44% in the cannabis industry,” said Liesl Bernard from CannabizTeam.

Industry leaders say the stigma cannabis has experienced over the years is quickly fading as companies like CannabizTeam, a workforce management company, help fill marijuana related jobs.

“I think with the stigma changing its just going to one another employment market and people can transition in and out of it very easily,” said Bernard.

A decade ago it was all but illegal in the US. Now, cannabis is recreationally legal in 11 states and legal for medical use in 33 states.

The new industry is booming and with that many new jobs are being created.

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