Circle J? Why You Soon Might Be Able to Buy Weed at Circle K – Canada For Now

Green Mart Shop Back Wall
by Mike McPadden

Circle K is — and always has been — the primo go-to spot for weed-related necessities on the order of lighters, rolling papers, and (of course) munchies. But now, some analysts reportedly foresee the K becoming a one-stop-shop for everything a pothead might need — including weed.

According to Green Market Report, the strategic investment partnership between cannabis firm Fire & Flower and Alimentation Couche-Tarde (Circle K’s parent company) indicates that the convenience store giant might be warming to the idea of carrying weed.

The speculation heated up because Fire & Flower just announced it will open two cannabis retail outlets in Alberta, Canada. The shops will be directly adjacent to Circle K stores in Calgary and Grande Prairie.

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