Could CBD be the key to treating addiction?

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The Next Step in Addiction Treatment

These days it’s hard to get away from the discussion or topic of addiction, from our news outlets, to tv sitcom tropes, to the personal stories and experiences of the nearly 23 million Americans who, as of 2013, needed treatment for substance abuse. The fact of the matter is that substance abuse and the damages from over-indulgence are very real aspects of this American life. Unfortunately, when only 0.9% of the reported 23 million with drug abuse issues get actual, facility-level treatment, there is clearly a gap in the system.

It’s not all gloom and doom, in fact, quite the contrary, there is hope on the horizon through our most beloved, compassionate companion, the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has shown proof of principle as an effective addiction treatment method, reduced smokers’ bias to cigarette cues, and has demonstrated to effectively protect regions of the brain from the damage caused by binge alcohol consumption in rats.

This last one is huge, particularly in our society which seems to accept the binge method of alcohol consumption as standard. As cannabis and CBD come into the mainstream, it will become increasingly necessary to study their potential therapeutic benefits and, to a possibly greater extent create forums to share and discuss these findings, creating an educated and active consumer population.

There are some groups on the forefront of advancing CBD and using it to address some of the ails of our society. One of which is Sober Up®, they currently make a liver detox shot designed to address the root cause of hangovers, through a studied, effective proprietary blend of antioxidant powerhouses, and I can tell you from experience, it works!

Recently, they announced through their Indiegogo campaign, the upcoming launch of their Sober Up® with CBD. Their intent of the whole Sober Up® line is truly to be a benefit to their customers, they want to help, and it is palpable. With the Indiegogo campaign, they are doing their part for the CBD community by linking up with High Times, to not only host a CBD Conference with researchers, policy experts, and industry leaders as one of the perks for their ‘CBD-specific’ Indiegogo backers, but they are even dedicating a significant portion of their raise to fund a clinical CBD trial!

CBD is proving, through its addiction – related research, to have a myriad of positive and lasting protective effects for both our physiological and psychological well – being. As we’re investigating the seemingly infinite possible applications of CBD, the goal will always remain to change thought through data and create a positive impact on individuals at a mass scale.

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