Fourth of July with Cannabis

Fourth of July with Cannabis


Check out this list of sweet and savory edibles (and drinks!) that you can bring to the picnic, potluck, barbeque or just enjoy at home.

A tortilla chip is dipped into a heaping bowl of super lemon haze Mexican guacamole.

Super Lemon Haze Mexican Guacamole Recipe

It’s hard to go wrong with chips and dip, especially when there’s homemade guacamole on the menu. Follow along with this straightforward, fool-proof recipe using fresh, ripe avocados and people will be raving about your dish until the next party.

Two scoops of ice cream in a bowl serve as the base of an infused, vegan banana sundae.

Vegan Banana Sundae

Beat the heat with a cool, refreshing ice cream sundae made with fresh, frozen bananas pureed in a food processor. It’s really all about the infused chocolate sauce on top, though, that can be used as a dip for fruit or a nice drizzle for another dessert that could use a special kick.

Marijuana Mocktail

After you make the simple syrup for this recipe, the sky’s the limit. You can try out the Triple Melon Magic mocktail and then go nuts with your own drink ideas. Make sure you choose a sweet drink that will work with simple syrup or you might be disappointed with the murky flavors.

Fried Chicken Cannabis Now Magazine

Kief Fried Chicken

Try this hearty, crispy recipe using chicken tenders or pieces with the bone-in to keep the summertime vibes at an all time high. Just stay away from sweet or floral flavor profile when it comes to picking the strain to pair with your poultry.

A piping hot bowl of Aurora infused fingerling potato nachos.

Cannabis-Infused Fingerling Potato Nachos

Nachos lovers, take advantage of this golden opportunity to switch it up a little bit with this recipe that uses potatoes in place of tortilla chips. Go with cheese, chorizo and peppers as toppings as suggested or get creative and pick your own combination.

Cannabis-Infused Spanakopita Quesadilla

This recipe uses Pineapple Thai, a powerful sativa known for it’s high CBD content, to recreate a savory, Greek pastry into a cheesy quesadilla. It’s quick and all you’ll need besides the ingredients is a stove and a saute pan to get the job done.

Rib Eye Cannabis Now Magazine

Recipe: Tomahawk Rib Eye

Calling all carnivores! It will be hard to mess up this easy recipe made with ingredients most people already have in their kitchen. Pick an earthy, savory strain for the garlic herb cannabutter to complement the juicy rib-eye that can be made in the oven or on the grill using a cast iron skillet.

Chicken Caeser Salad Cannabis Now

Recipe: Chicken Caesar Salad

Keep it light with a classic salad recipe with a bit of a twist. The magic is in the dressing that uses cannabis-infused oil that can be gently or generously drizzled over your bed of lettuce. Vegetarians and pescatarians can substitute the chicken for shrimp or tofu without missing  a beat or any of the flavor.

cannabis now green chili salsa

Roasted Green Chile Salsa

Fresh lime juice and olive oil infused with deliciously citrusy Super Lemon Haze make this emerald-colored salsa taste just as fresh and bright as it look. Plus, this zesty snack made with a potent hybrid strain will brighten your mood, give you a little energy boost and keep your spirits high.

Rocky Road Cannabis Now Magazine

4th of July Chocolate Kush Rocky Road Ice Cream

Fans of indica strains will appreciate this decadent, smooth and relaxing dessert made with Chocolate Kush Kief. This might not be a go-to choice if you have plans for the day that require high energy but it’s perfect if you have a lazy day planned or as an end-of-the-night treat to help you doze off.

TELL US, what is your favorite 4th of July edible?

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