Happy Croptober!

The month of October is a special time in the cannabis community, especially for those living in the Northwest. Not only are the seasons changing and pumpkin spice everything is making its annual comeback again, it’s also the time for northern growers to gather their cannabis crops and reap the sticky rewards — in other words, it’s Croptober! There’s no time more exciting for a grower than when they can pull and trim the weed they’ve been working so hard to grow. And, to be honest, this is a pretty exciting time for cannabis consumers as well since all of the shelves at dispensaries should be packed full of freshly harvested bud. So, growers and smokers alike can all rejoicenow that Croptober is finally here!

You may be wondering what is Croptober exactly, and how did it get its start? Well, Leafbuyer’s here to answer these questions, and more, in this guide for all things Croptober. All you need to do is kick back, relax, and look forward to this year’s Croptober and the cannabis crops that are bound to come with it!

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