Pennsylvania Gov. Calls for Adult-Use Cannabis LegalizationBy


By TG Branfalt

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) is calling for cannabis legalization in the state after Lt. Gov John Fetterman toured the state’s 67 counties and found “the majority” of citizens “supported legalization,” Wolf said, according to a WJAC report.

Last year, Wolf said it was “time to take a serious and honest look” at legalization during a Twitter Q&A.

Wolf also wants lawmakers to pass legislation to allow expunging low level and nonviolent cannabis-related offenses, he said via Twitter. During the tour, criminal justice reform was the number one reason respondents supported legalization.

In February, legalization legislation was introduced by Democratic Rep. Jake Wheatley that includes expungement and would immediately release anyone incarcerated in the state for a cannabis-related crime that would be allowed under the legalization law.

According to Fetterman’s report, 60-70 percent of the residents he spoke to on his listening tour supported the reforms and expressed “near-unanimous support” for mass expungement, “universal support” for the state’s medical cannabis program, “near-unanimous” support for removing cannabis as a Schedule I substance federally. The support “does not appear to be contained to certain demographics or party affiliations,” the report says.

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