J and S Donut Co. – Live Rosin Infused Pre-Roll 5 Pack Collab Box

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J & S Donut Co. Live Rosin Infused Donuts (or Hash Holes). Five (5) Hand rolled Live Rosin Infused Hash Holes. 5 grams total net weight.

A “snake” of Live Rosin is at the center of every of these infused Pre-Rolls. Various different farms and extractors came together for this collaboration, including: Grape God, B.A. Botanicals, Nelson & Company Organics, Archive, Potland, and Eastwood! Comes with a glass tip on each roll. Limited release!

Pink Elephant (Elephant Ears x Rainbow Banana) Flower + Greasy Runtz Rosin: 300.9mg THC, 0.9mg CBD total.

Z (Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x Unknown Flower + Gelato 41 Rosin: 243.3mg THC, 0.7mg CBD total.

Rare Dankness x Triangle Kush Flower + Chem De La Chem Rosin: 368.4mg THC, 1.0mg CBD total.

Gelonade (Lemon Tree x Gelato) Flower + Moonbreath 15 Rosin: 344.7mg THC, 0.9mg CBD total.

Diesel Dough (Sour Diesel x Do-si-Dos) Flower + Melon Fizz Rosin: 362.5mg THC, 1.0mg CBD total.

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