Sour Pineapple – High CBD PRE PACKS

*** ONLY 1 IN STOCK  ***


THC: 0.40%

CBD: 11.10%

Lineage: Sour Tsunami x Pineapple Tsunami
Grown By: East Fork Cultivar
One of East Fork’s newest cultivars; this high-CBD (low THC) strain is undeniably serene, soothing, and perfect for full-body relaxation.
This strain comes from their Hemp farm, and therefore, it’s the same price whether you’re Rec or Med (with the exception that Med patients get their 10% OFF medical discount)

These pre packs are shakey, may have a nug or two, most likely not. But kiefy for sure. Great for budgets or rolling up Js.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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