The World’s First Interactive Cannabis Museum Opens in Las Vegas

The World’s First Interactive Cannabis Museum Opens in Las Vegas


While most people think of gambling and alcohol when they imagine a trip to Las Vegas, Visitors to Las Vegas will have more than just the booze, bars and debauchery to look forward when hitting up Sin City for a weekend of fun. The city opened an immersive, 9,000-square-foot cannabis museum right in the heart of downtown’s entertainment district, where people over the age of 21 can come learn about marijuana while enjoying larger-than-life art pieces from giant buds to gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s very own 1973 Chevrolet Caprice convertible.

Founder and CEO, J.J. Walker, is the man behind Cannabition, a one-of-a-kind marijuana museum with more than 20 different exhibits, a full bar and a retail shop. It’s is less of a historical look at cannabis and more of an entertainment and experiential attraction that offers a combination of education, celebration and fun for those who are already down for weed as well as those who are just curious.

“Our goal when people come out of this is that they don’t fear the cannabis industry if they are not believers in the industry,” Walker shared. “Cannabition is not about just serving people that like marijuana, it’s about serving the masses that want to learn about cannabis and or just have fun and go do a cool art experience.”

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