What Budget do You Need for Growing Marijuana Indoors at Home?

What Budget do You Need for Growing Marijuana at Home?


Growing your own marijuana is a gratifying experience. However, many people take a step back due to the high cost involved in the whole process. With recent developments in the industry, the prices have dropped down to some extent.

In this blog, we are going to tell you the basics of how to grow marijuana. Growing marijuana at a cheap price indoors can turn out to be a great investment if you do it in the right manner. There are several factors which go in cannabis growing.

Advantages of Growing Marijuana Indoors

You will be able to enjoy several advantages when you grow marijuana at home. Let’s take a look at some of them.

If you grow marijuana indoor, it is going to be more hygienic and clean than an outdoor environment. This is because, when grown outdoors, you cannot actually control what goes into it. It is an important factor to take into consideration when it comes to growers who are cultivating medicinal marijuana. Harmful elements like fungus, germs, microorganism, and parasites should be kept away.

  • Climate Control

With indoor growing, you will not have to experience any unexpected changes in the weather. It is in your hands to ensure that the room conditions are perfect for the plants that you are growing. This proves to be helpful for places experiencing unpredictable climate. You do not have to handle unexpected dry spells, frost, or even unreasonable humidity. Hence, the plants are safe and sound when grown indoors. This means that the final harvest will be high in quality.

  • Over One Harvest

You will be surprised to know the indoor setup means better flexibility of the plants. There is no need to be dependent on the seasonal changes in order to grow your marijuana plant. This implies that you will be able to grow marijuana all throughout the year. You just need a room that will provide you with 18 hours of light every day during the vegetation phase and 12 hours of light in the flowering period. Theoretically, it is possible to get 6 harvests in one year since cannabis plants need years to mature.

  • Work and Play

You cannot deny the fact that growing cannabis indoors means you will have to do a lot of work. You might miss out on subtler details. However, with practice comes perfection. It is also quite fun and might turn into an interesting hobby. In case you are a grower and also a medical patient, growing can be an efficacious hobby as it provides you with a positive distraction from the health issues you might be suffering from.

How Much does it Cost to Grow Cannabis?

When you plan to grow marijuana indoors, it is going to cost you as much as $75 per square foot. Hence, this might be the most expensive to grow marijuana. Greenhouse combination grows cost an average of $50 per square foot.

Indoor growing tends to be expensive because everything has to be controlled. The temperature system, growth light, and humidity control, all are important. For this, you will require expensive equipment for temperature and humidity control. Even though it is expensive, it will enable you to grow high-quality plants. If you grow it indoors, it is going to sell at a higher price.

How to Calculate the Budget for Growing Marijuana?

In order to calculate the budget that you need to grow marijuana indoors, you will have to calculate the amount of land that it up for harvest along with the cost of the equipment you need for growing.

However, the benefits that you get to enjoy are much larger than what you are investing in. Also, you have to install the equipment once and harvest as much as you want.

Elements for Growing Marijuana at Home

Before you get into the growing process, you need to take a look at the bigger picture. An appropriate room will require the following elements.

  • Water the key aspect of life. All living beings are known to depend on this element for the purpose of nourishment. Similar is the case with marijuana plants as water plays a significant role when it comes to sustainability. Thus, plants might suffer a lot when they get too less or too much of it. You should be aware of the exact watering practices. If you know about the right way to water plants, you will be able to avoid several mistakes.
  • To grow a healthy cannabis plant, you require the right humidity and temperature. The plant needs a gentle heat for the formation of the root. With maturity, the plant requires 20-25 degrees of health for optimal growth. In hot temperature, the plant might lose moisture that might lead to stress. However, very low temperatures might cause it to stop absorbing and also circulating important nutrients. Take time and control each and every variable.
  • Choosing the right soil for your marijuana plant is also very important. If you start with a bad one then you might have sick and weak plants. Look for soil that has a balanced pH level, good drainage, nutrients, and macronutrients.
  • The plant requires a good amount of light for transforming carbon-dioxide into sugar. Thus, if you do not provide enough light, it might be detrimental for its growth. In such cases, the plant will stretch for reaching out to the source of light. Eventually, they become weak. However, too much light might also burn and weaken the leaves. Hence, adjust the light distance indoors for avoiding any kind of problems.
  • A well-ventilated grow room is important for growing this plant. It is necessary to ensure that it gets fresh air. This will also minimize the scent of the weed.
  • Carbon-dioxide is needed by the plant for maintaining its health. This element will be converted to sugar which will ultimate converted to energy by the plant to survive.

Basic Cannabis Growing Tips

In order to grow marijuana at home and then use it for including in recipes, you grow room has to be cleaned and sealed properly. Here are a few things that you need to get,

Mount some oscillating fans and direct it towards the plants along with a high-velocity fan that pulls out air through your light hood and then into the carbon air filter. When the fan and the light are set up, shift the starts into pots which are filled with high-quality soil. Now, just water the plants as per requirements, feed the plants and control the light. Soon you are going to enjoy a healthy plant harvest. You should be available to monitor the plants. Once you are set-up, the initial hurdle is going to be over.

This will ensure that the plants are healthy. If growing cannabis to make hash following is your hobby then why not turn into a way to make some money.

The light for growing cannabis is going cost around $200. You surely do not want to keep the plants under one light if you have to get maximum production. Hence, you are going to need more than 1. You need to pay $100 for each fan and this might add up to $1000. Root bags of organic soil averages about $15 per gallon. You need at 10 gallon of it. For nutrients you are going to need $1000 or more. Electricity charge is itself going to cost $2000. In case you are serious about cannabis cultivation, you will have to consider about $20,000.


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