What Is The Reason That There Are Not Many CBD Strains?

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? Source: Wikileaf

Submitted by Bonnie E. Gillenwater

ago, it has been difficult for scientists, researchers, growers, and breeders to analyze high-CBD strains. The technology and the knowledge were simply not there, not allowing us to analyze cannabis in a more robust way as we can do so today.

Any information gathered helped growers, who were interested in the then-obscured component cannabinoid. The next step was convincing buyers who were looking to stock their shelves with cannabis strains that did not get them high.

There was initial skepticism in the whole matter, but then CBD-rich strains became appealing to a lot of people. The demand was high with people who were seeking to obtain medicinal benefits from cannabis without any kind of intoxicating effects.

Desired Traits For Cultivating Cannabis

What are the traits that you desire when it comes to cannabis cultivation? Growers who grow cannabis would want the plants to grow and survive in the local climate. Not only this, but the plant should also have proper protection against diseases, drought, molds, and insects. This is to ensure that there is a reliable supply.

The main conversation surrounding cannabis is its potency. The most accurate and observable way to assess the potency of cannabis is just ingesting it and then analyzing how high you get. This method was done previously until the time lab tests came into the picture. These labs became common in California and in other states where cannabis was legalized for medicinal purposes.

It has been concluded that psychoactive and medicinal effects of some specific cannabis strains depend on various properties like terpenes, a complex interplay of cannabinoids, and flavonoids. This is known as the entourage effect.

The Not-Known Cannabinoid

People who used cannabis in ancient times did not have an idea that something like CBD actually existed. It was in 1940 that the compound was isolated in a lab. Even after such tests, CBD was not that well-known amongst the community; as it did not have properties of getting one high. It was much later that studies were done on CBD and it was found that the component has good effects on treating pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, Alzheimer’s, spasticity, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, cancer, etc. The general masses had no idea about CBD.

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