Can I Use Marijuana to Treat My Cold or Flu?

PHOTO Josh McGinn


We are rapidly approaching that dreadful time once again: cold and flu season. All one has to do is spend a few hours in an airport — a petri dish inside the global travel system — and it becomes painfully evident by all the coughing and wheezing whipping about the terminal that it won’t be long before some kind of sickness puts us flat on our back. And that almost guarantees we will suffer fever, chills, and uninspired coughing fits, causing us to miss work and those all-important social activities that keep us sane. When those vile germs strike, and sure as Shinola, they will, we are destined to feel like hell has opened up shop in our bodies. In turn, we’ll beg for mercy, we’ll pray for death, but all we will get from this pleading is five to seven days of the ick.

What makes this disgusting, snot riddled breakdown of our health so ghastly is that there is no known cure (or even an effective treatment) capable of getting us back on our feet in a reasonable amount of time. We must simply endure the sick, knockback Nyquil like Charles Bukowski would a boilermaker and let it run its course. Some people, however, believe that marijuana can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms more effectively than over the counter medications. But is there really any evidence showing that getting stoned is the best way to feeling whole again?

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PHOTO Josh McGinn

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